Updated Store & New Framed Option


I’ve updated the store with 4 new prints from 2012.   Also, in addition to the Print, Canvas, and Note Card options, I’ve added a framed option as well.   See all of the prints that are available for purchase here.

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Cheat Sheet

I know that while learning how to use your camera, it can take a while for everything to sink in.   (Does a bigger number let in more light?  No?!  I’m just going to use auto-mode instead..)

Figuring all this out and employing it to take better pictures is a process.. and to help with that I found this easy to understand cheat sheet (via  Miguel Yatco)

So keep this with your camera and pull it out when all that f-stop, ISO, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed data starts to get jumbled in your brain.  Stick with it and I can promise that it will become second nature. Continue Reading →

Aperture (or the long overdue blurry background post)

Understanding the concepts behind your camera’s aperture settings will likely bring a tremendous level of creative control to your photography. Continue Reading →

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