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Updated Store & New Framed Option


I’ve updated the store with 4 new prints from 2012.   Also, in addition to the Print, Canvas, and Note Card options, I’ve added a framed option as well.   See all of the prints that are available for purchase here.

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Cheat Sheet

I know that while learning how to use your camera, it can take a while for everything to sink in.   (Does a bigger number let in more light?  No?!  I’m just going to use auto-mode instead..)

Figuring all this out and employing it to take better pictures is a process.. and to help with that I found this easy to understand cheat sheet (via  Miguel Yatco)

So keep this with your camera and pull it out when all that f-stop, ISO, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed data starts to get jumbled in your brain.  Stick with it and I can promise that it will become second nature. Continue Reading →

Aperture (or the long overdue blurry background post)

Understanding the concepts behind your camera’s aperture settings will likely bring a tremendous level of creative control to your photography. Continue Reading →

iOS5: Backups & Syncing

If you’ve ever fried a hard drive or lost a phone,   I’m sure you found many of your friends/coworkers asking you the same snotty question.. “You have it all backed up right?”  Ummm.. If I did would I be standing on this ledge?  Well at least for iDevices, Apple has made this MUCH easier and should drastcally redue the likelihood of loosing any data.  So here’s how to navigate the new options in iOS5, which will allow you to be cool as a cuke if your phone goes for a swim. Continue Reading →

Talking to Strangers

Asking permission to take a photograph of a complete stranger is not one of my strong suits.  Somehow I’ve got this vision in my head of people grabbing their children and running in horror from me.  Highly unlikely, but the thought of an uncomfortable rejection usually prevents me from asking. Continue Reading →

How to Photograph Fireworks

Unless you live next to Epcot, fireworks are probably not an everyday occurrence.  Photographing them isn’t very difficult if you’re prepared, so given the holiday and your likely proximity to some explosions – I thought this tutorial would be timely. Continue Reading →

Gear: Memory Cards

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear for photographers are memory cards.  I’ll venture to say it’s the MOST important piece of gear in your bag.  Show up to shoot a game, concert or wedding without them and see how many “keepers” you get.. zippo.   Akin to the strings of a guitar, they are essential to producing the final product and trump all the other bells and whistles with their simplistic necessity.  Yet now that we don’t have to purchase film – what we record our images on frequently takes a  backseat. Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Don’t be a Sniper

I wanted to include a different type of post for a few weeks now.. one that explains a simple and quick tip.  Understanding Shutter Speeds and F-stops is great and all – and will improve your photography, but if someone says “Hey, how do I take a better picture of my kid” – that’s not the conversation we’re having. Continue Reading →

Shutter Speed

As discussed in the prior post, we’re lifting up the hood of each of the three variables that can contribute to the exposure of a picture.  First we are going to discuss Shutter Speed since I think it’s the easiest one to comprehend. Continue Reading →

Understanding Exposure

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while since it’s a complicated enough topic to write a book about..  Simplifying it had me delaying the inevitable.  So let’s roll up our sleeves but I’ll try to keep it out of super-geek zone. Continue Reading →

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