Start with the End in Mind


Let’s begin this journey by looking at where we want to finish.  If you’re aiming to get better vacation/family photos and simply buying that fancy new DSLR didn’t do the trick, then you’re at the right place.  Just know that among all those buttons and switches, there isn’t a secret magic one that makes your pictures better.  Learning to take better photographs is a long process, but we’ll get you moving quickly!

One of the many mistakes I see new (and old) photographers making is that they show ALL their work.  Other than their Grandparents, no one wants to see 167 pictures of your kids on Christmas morning.  Especially when half of them require me to turn my head sideways to see what’s happening.  A trick in any industry is to only show your best work.  Musicians don’t put all the out-takes on their albums – Movie directors don’t show you every take.. so why show every picture that you take?  Remember when you would get your pictures back from the lab and throw out the obviously bad ones?  Let’s bring that back.  I guarantee that showing 12-15 great pictures of your family vacation at Disney is going to have a bigger impact than uploading all of them – even if the good ones are buried in there.

So as we start this journey to better photos – keep in mind that the ending goal is have a few excellent, frame worthy shots from each session.

Enough intro.. next post we will roll up our sleeves get on with the tips.

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  1. Incredible, this is definitely what I was hunting for! The post just saved me alot of work

    I’ll make sure to put this in good use!

  2. Marathon Training says:

    Must say I really like this blog, looking forward to the next post.

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