Talking to Strangers

Asking permission to take a photograph of a complete stranger is not one of my strong suits.  Somehow I’ve got this vision in my head of people grabbing their children and running in horror from me.  Highly unlikely, but the thought of an uncomfortable rejection usually prevents me from asking. Continue Reading →

How to Photograph Fireworks

Unless you live next to Epcot, fireworks are probably not an everyday occurrence.  Photographing them isn’t very difficult if you’re prepared, so given the holiday and your likely proximity to some explosions – I thought this tutorial would be timely. Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Don’t be a Sniper

I wanted to include a different type of post for a few weeks now.. one that explains a simple and quick tip.  Understanding Shutter Speeds and F-stops is great and all – and will improve your photography, but if someone says “Hey, how do I take a better picture of my kid” – that’s not the conversation we’re having. Continue Reading →

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