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Shutter Speed

As discussed in the prior post, we’re lifting up the hood of each of the three variables that can contribute to the exposure of a picture.  First we are going to discuss Shutter Speed since I think it’s the easiest one to comprehend. Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait for the Sun


Driving to work today in the thick New England fog inspired me to write this post.  I’ve spoken with many people getting into photography about what they’re shooting and a common theme is that if the sun isn’t out, it’s not worth going outside with the camera.  After all, who want’s pictures of crappy weather? Continue Reading →

Focus on This


Being able to control your camera’s focus is one of the most important aspects to becoming a better photographer.

Not many factors can wreck a photo quicker than the subject being out of focus – yet learning to take control of Auto Focus is often glossed over by new photographers.  Adjusting the Aperture and Shutter Speed certainly seem more “hands on” to making photos – but in reality the camera does a pretty good job getting the exposures right.  Even when it misses it doesn’t miss by much and that can often be adjusted for the better during post processing.  Missed focus however.. there’s no real fix for that. Continue Reading →

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